Why buy homemade? There are many more reasons to buy homemade soap than just supporting small businesses. Commercial soap, even the ones that claim to be gentle for your skin, contain many harmful ingredients that you just do not need in your soap. 

One of the main reasons for the long ingredient list in commercial soaps on the market are for long shelf lives. Everyone should take a moment and grab your favorite soap from the shower and read the ingredient list. You will likely be quite surprised!!!


Parabens are a preservative that are commonly used in personal care products, and while they do prolong the shelf life, it has also been found in breast cancer tumors, which has led some scientists to conclude that long-term paraben exposure can increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer.

Another common chemical used in many personal care products is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, but also it may lead to respiratory problems, damage your nervous system and impair memory.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS is a common ingredient in most chemical based soaps and can cause eye damage, cancer, and can actually alter your cell's genetic material over time! 

Many antibacterial and antimicrobial skin cleansers also have Triclosan, which is a chemical that has also been found to cause cancer. According to the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides, triclosan is a chemical that also stays in your system long after you have had exposure which makes it even more harmful.

Another common ingredient in commercial soap is Diethanolamine (DEA), which is another carcinogen that has also been linked to liver and kidney cancer. It also can be very irritating to skin and eyes, as well as the respiratory system.

The United States has very lenient restrictions on cosmetics, which is how soap is classified, which is why these are allowed in skin care products. It is still crucially important what you put ON your body, not just in it. The skin is the largest organ of the entire body and as such can absorb chemicals quite quickly into your bloodstream. 

Most of the good stuff has been taken out of commercial soap in favor of chemicals that aide the lathering process and crude chemicals. The emphasis is more on the scent and less on the good oils and moisturizing properties that homemade soap focuses on in addition to just scent. 

People can instantly benefit from homemade soap! Handmade soap is rich in glycerin, which helps absorb water in the air and helps the skin retain its natural moisture. This is a great benefit for children as well, who have more delicate skin than adults. 

All of our soaps are handmade, and while some only use natural ingredients, such as essential oils to scent and natural pigments to color with clays and micas, we also make many soaps that are still wonderful for you, but use skin-safe fragrances that are just not available in nature, such as strawberry and peach. We also do use soap safe colors in some of those that will lead to beautiful, stable colors in our soaps. Either way you choose, all-natural or not, our soaps are only made with the ingredients necessary to produce a soap whose ingredient list is quite a bit shorter and won't leave you confused on why something is in there, as well as leave your skin so much happier!