Jewelweed Soap (Poision Ivy/Oak)

Jewelweed Soap (Poision Ivy/Oak)

This all-natural handcrafted soap bar is specially handcrafted for those not so fun run-ins with all too common Poison Oak or Poison Ivy. Packed full of Jewel Weed Extract which has been used for decades for mild rashes and other issues that stem from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. This is NOT a cure, nor does it prevent, but is known to ease discomfort. According to David Beaulieu from The Spruce, Jewel Weed totally neutralizes the Poison Ivy's oily antigen called Urushiol, and will prevent spreading it by scratching or rubbing. The Urushiol oil may be carried on the fur of pets, clothing, shoes, toys, tools, etc. and then transferred to the skin. Approximately 24 to 36 hrs after a sensitized person is exposed to the Urushiol, a blistery, itching rash develops. Usually within 15 minutes of contact, the Urushiol binds to skin proteins. If it is washed off before that time, a reaction may be prevented.

  • Ingredients

    Filtered Water, Lard, Olive Oil, Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Jewelweed Extract, Camphor Essential Oil, and Chamomile Essential Oil

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